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Since its inception, MassMan, an instrumental math rock band hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, has always been one of the most unique groups among the city's underground music scene. While Taiwan boasts numerous quality post-rock / math rock musical acts, MassMan, known for unpredictable song structures and playful yet technical riffs, is perhaps the most distinct band of the bunch.

Formed in 2011, MassMan originally comprised of Hsu (guitar), Lai (drums), MB (bass, leader) and Andy (guitar). In the beginning of the band’s career, their music can be best described as melodic instrumental post-rock / math rock. During this period, the band released a self-titled EP and a full-length album "A Trip into the Rabbit Hole". Shortly after the release of "A Trip into the Rabbit Hole", Hsu left the band to pursue a PhD in the US. The rest of the band continued working on new materials as a trio for 2 years, until Huei, one of the close friends of the band and the guitarist of several notable Taiwanese bands (The Murky Crows , BHD, Frusciante), joined MassMan as a full-time member.

After the departure of Hsu, the band consciously eschewed more conventional post-rock oriented songwriting approach, and incorporated more screamo / prog / post-hardcore elements, all the while preserving the playfulness found in earlier releases. On November 1, 2021, the band released their most recent album "YDZZ", which consists of 6 carefully crafted songs. It is well-received by both critics and music enthusiasts alike.

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